Golden Yacht


The Golden Yacht company offers the Cranchi 43 Mediterranee powerboat. This specific Cranchi model was initially produced in 2008 in Italy. Since then Cranchi has manufactured multiple other models, but the 43 Mediterranee powerboat is still one of the gems of the Italian manufacturer.

In Golden Yacht, we envision a world where extravagance is simple and all your wishes and expectations will be delivered by our team, from the welcoming environment to the exceptional feasting venue and sumptuous cabins.

The Mission

Every single individual who is part of the Golden Yacht team is driven by the following moto: “we all have the right to enjoy once in a while the vastness of the deep blue sea and the freedom of the sky”; and this is something that the founder of the company brought in the minds of the rest.

Golden Yacht is an experience that no one should miss. Either being a family, a couple or a group of friends, Golden Yacht is able to provide you with one of the best experiences of your life. It is a combination of luxurious holidays on water, relaxation and freedom, letting go of any troubles and enjoying the two most valuable, natural gifts of mother-nature, the sea and the sky.

The Experience

Enjoy a luxurious stay on water with your company or guests, for as long as you wish. You just need to pick out the dates and we provide the rest. The Greek waters are hospitable to all, the green nature around is refreshing and your captain will be in charge of the travel, while you sit back and relax!

Golden Yacht is perfectly equipped for cruising the Mediterranean waters and includes all modern amenities.

Our Captain

George Mavromatis

(Golden Yatch's captain)

Our captain, George Mavromatis says:

“As Golden Yacht’s captain, I am in charge of welcoming you on board! I can assure you that you will forever have these unique memories! Just enjoy the journey and relax… The rest are being handled by us, with complete joy and responsibility. Welcome to Greece! Enjoy the sun, the sea and all the great gifts that Greece has to offer you!”